Gerry House – Auctioning his Country Retreat aka “Pegram Palace”

Welcome to 1099 Deerwood Trail in Pegram, TN, aka  Pegram Palace for many of us who live in Nashville, we know very well who owns this little slice of heaven. Gerry House – country music radio icon, hit songwriter and mediocre golfer…according to his golfing buddies. That’s right; Gerry House and his wife Allyson will be offering their beloved country retreat at public auction Saturday July 28th, 2012. The property comes complete with three separate houses (furnished), one of which Gerry uses as a private studio for writing. The property is located in rural Cheatham County, a quick 25 minute drive from Music Row on just over 53 acres at the end of a gated road, with three large ponds and docks for fishing or simply sitting and relaxing. This is a place that inspires creativity, family and peacefulness, a place with a rich history of creative writing and collaboration…if only these walls could talk.

This secluded retreat is hidden behind private gates, with a long gravel road leading up the valley to the property in the woods. The property was originally designed as a fish farm. In fact, when Gerry helped write the hit song “Little Rock” with Reba McEntire, she was startled by the size of his catfish. Reba was worried that the fish were too fat to live in the pond. A unique property with its “natural” environment…creates a retreat-like quality. Oak, Ash, Pine and Evergreen trees boarder all four sides of this property providing an abundance of wildlife and creating a screen of privacy and seclusion.

All three homes have a rustic earthy exterior, with a modern-contempary interior. The homes vary in size, with the two-bedroom main house having 1,185 square feet. The smallest (guesthouse) containing 400 square feet and the home Gerry uses as a writing studio has 680 square feet. All of them have open inviting floor plans, dark wood flooring, vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, wrap-around porches that protrude out over the ponds and large windows that allow an abundance of natural light.

The home’s natural surroundings provide a sanctuary that allows creativity to flow while also providing functionally for the modern family. Busy writing songs, playing golf and working on a memoir titled “Country Music Causes Brian Damage.” Gerry fines it difficult to manage homes in Nashville, Pegram and Florida…creating an opportunity for someone to snatch-up this great retreat. YouTube Video of the Pegram Palace

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